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Author: Gillian Shields

Illustrator: Dan Taylor

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

How this book might help: This book would be a good choice for a child who can't have their desired pet for practical reasons.

The boy in this story really wants a dog, but his mum can't see why as he has a perfectly good pet goldfish. They live on the 44th floor of a big city apartment block, which isn't really compatible with puppy ownership. At first the boy points out all the things that his goldfish can't do, such as catch sticks, go for walks and sit by his feet. The turning point in the story is when his mum suggests that rather than focusing on wanting a dog he should think of all the great things associated with owning his goldfish. The boy finds inventive ways to take his fish for walks, catch sticks and sit by his feet. Suddenly it is clear that he not just a goldfish...he's a dogfish!

Things we liked about this book: Charming contemporary illustrative style

Age Range: 2+

No readers have reviewed this book yet.

Tags: dog, pet

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