What Makes Me Happy?

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Author: Catherine Anholt

Illustrator: Laurence Anholt

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

How this book might help: May help a child to identify emotions they are experiencing and encourage them to discuss any they feel uncomfortable with. Reassures children that it is normal to experience a wide range of emotions.

Each double page spread in this book focuses on a different emotion. The left hand pages show children questioning what makes them feel or do something: laugh, cry, be bored, pleased, jealous, scared, sad, excited, shy, cross or happy. The right hand page lists the events the child associates with that feeling (for example, one child feels sad when it 'rains every day', 'no one wants to let her play', or 'someone special's far away'. This book may be a good starting point to encourage a child to talk about a particular emotion they are feeling, or simply allow them to realise that other children may be experiencing similar challenges. Laurence Anholt's delightful illustrations are very appealing and will provide plenty of opportunity for discussion and visual exploration. The children depicted are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Age Range: 1+

Tags: separation anxiety, relationships, phobias, monsters, growing up, friends, fears, fear of the dark, family, emotions, diversity, bullying, anxiety, anger, absence, shyness

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