Tappity-Tap What was That?

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Author: Claire Freedman

Illustrator: Russell Julian

Publisher: Scholastic

How this book might help: That by facing our fears they often turn out not to be scary!

Owl, Mouse and Rabbit are friends and have a Very Important Meeting to talk about the Monster of the Woods. Owl has a plan to follow in case he ever comes calling on a dark and stormy night. They are all very scared of the Monster! That night there is a tappity-tap at the door and Owl follows the plan, but each time it turns out to be Rabbit and then Mouse calling by. Finally there is a Tappity-Tap and the Monster is at the door! The monster turns out to be a very cute bedraggled furry thing who is actually very nice and is more scared of the storm than they are. Finally the book ends with them all at another Very Important Meeting and the Monster revealing his real name.

Reviewed by: Amanda Spells

Things we liked about this book: A really fun book with lots of bright fun illustrations. Fast paced and funny too!

Age Range: 2+

Tags: anxiety, fear of the dark, monsters, phobias

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