Whay Do I Feel Scared? A First Look At Being Brave

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Author: Pat Thomas

Illustrator: Lesley Harkar

Publisher: Hodder Wayland

How this book might help: This non-fiction picture book explores what it means to be brave and defines bravery in many different forms (including standing up for yourself and others, and trying new things).

The book explains that bravery is a choice you make rather than something you are born with. Examples of bravery given include persistence with something you find difficult, telling the truth when people may not want to hear it, being different (even if that means being different), standing up for yourself and others, and not following the crowd when its actions are dangerous or detrimental. It explains how sometimes we are frightened of things because they are new, difficult or different (the boy in the picture is afraid of a giraffe in the zoo, but the adult with him is confidently reaching out to feed the animal). The book concludes by explaining that courage is something you have to practice in order to get good at it. The reader is asked if he is prepared to become one of the world\'s much-needed brave people.

Worth Noting: Includes notes for parents and teachers

Age Range: 4+

Tags: anxiety, behaviour, being different, growing up, persistence, phobias

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