Christopher Nibble

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Author: Charlotte Middleton

Illustrator: Charlotte Middleton

Publisher: OUP Oxford

How this book might help: This book is a great way to introduce the 'green' issue of food sustainability in a very child-friendly way. It also promotes sharing and co-operation.

Christopher Nibble is a hamster who had one thing he loved more than football: eating dandelion leaves. In fact, the whole of his home town Dandeville loved them. Soon, demand began to outstrip supply and dandelions became very rare and expensive to buy. Just one remained, growing outside Christopher Nibble's window. He desperately wanted to eat it, but resisted temptation and tended the little plant to maturity. He picked it carefully and blew the white fluffy seeds across the hillside of the town. New plants began to grow everywhere and all the guinea pigs once again had plenty to eat. Christopher realises he has a new hobby: growing dandelions (although he still loves football).

Reviewed by: Rosemary Griffith

Things we liked about this book: Delightfully illustrated, the guinea pigs in this book are utterly charming. Christopher Nibble makes a fine modern day unlikely hero!

Age Range: 2+

No readers have reviewed this book yet.

Tags: co-operation, environment, sharing

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