Books on: Tidiness & Helping Out

Books to encourage children to help out around the house and explain the positive benefits of such co-operation.

Clean It! (Helping Hands)
Author: Georgie Birkett
Illustrator: Georgie Birkett
How this book may help: A great choice to introduce a very young child to the concept of helping out at home.
Publisher's summary: "Which chores need doing today? What's the best way of doing them? And don't forget to wash the..." read more

Tags: recycling, helping, disability, co-operation, asthma, tidiness

This Book Belongs to Aye-Aye
Author: Richard Byrne
Illustrator: Richard Byrne
How this book may help: This entertaining book explores the idea of 'being different'. The central character has less conventional looks than his classmates, but the story reveals that his kindness and intelligence are more important than the way he looks. The book also has an anti-bullying message.
The hero of the story is Aye-Aye (an Aye-Aye is a rather curious-looking animal that lives in the... read more

Tags: being different, bullying, co-operation, friends, helping, persistence, prejudice, school

Good Little Wolf
Author: Nadia Shireen
Illustrator: Nadia Shireen
How this book may help: Although predominantly an entertaining story, this quirky picture book also explores the idea of being true to oneself and defying stereotypes. It reinforces the message that you don't need to 'go with the crowd' if the crowd's actions are not wise.
Rolf is a good little wolf who likes gentle activities like baking, helping his friends and being... read more

Tags: behaviour, being different, bullying, helping, politeness

Why Should I Help?
Author: Claire Llewellyn
Illustrator: Mike Gordon
How this book may help: Encouraging young children to help around the house and how co-operation and helping others is a positive trait.
Susy complains that every day in her house there are many jobs to be done: making the beds, feeding... read more

Tags: helping, compliance, tidiness

How Should I Behave?
Author: Mick Manning
Illustrator: Brita Granstrom
How this book may help: A good way to start a discussion with young children on what constitutes acceptable behaviour. Promotes good manners, co-operation, helping and politeness.
This book is set out in question and answer format and deals with behaviour: helpfulness,... read more

Tags: table manners, swearing, rudeness, politeness, manners, helping, compliance, co-operation, bullying, behaviour, tidiness

Doing the Garden
Author: Sarah Garland
Illustrator: Sarah Garland
How this book may help: May encourage children to help at home and get involved with gardening by showing how much fun it can be.
This picture book provides a realistic view of a mother gardening with her children in an urban... read more

Tags: co-operation, environment, helping, mother, single parent

Hey! What's That Nasty Whiff?
Author: Julie Jarman
Illustrator: Garry Parsons
How this book may help: There are some positive messages about recycling and the environment, working together and helping each other within this fun picture book.
"Hyena was a cleaner, she kept things spick and span. She picked up after others with a little... read more

Tags: co-operation, environment, helping, recycling

Squirrel's Busy Day
Author: Lucy Barnard
Illustrator: Lucy Barnard
How this book may help: By sending out the message that friendship should be valued and that you should always find time to be with your friends.
Squirrel is busy collecting acorns and doesn’t have time to play with his friends. But when... read more

Tags: co-operation, friends, relationships

How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?
Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrator: Mark Teague
Publisher's summary: "How do dinosaurs clean their rooms? With rubbish bins and dusters and brooms! Jane Yolen's..." read more

Tags: compliance, tidiness

Doing the Washing
Author: Sarah Garland
Illustrator: Sarah Garland
Publisher's summary: "Sarah Garland's classic series of pre-school books look at every aspect of busy, noisy, muddly..." read more

Tags: co-operation, helping

Manners in School
Author: Arianna Candell
Illustrator: Rosa M.Curto
How this book may help: By encouraging children to behave in a thoughtful, polite and caring manner at school.
Publisher's summary: "The 'Manners' series shows children how to resolve small difficulties they might face in their..." read more

Tags: behaviour, bullying, co-operation, compliance, diversity, friends, hygiene, politeness, prejudice, school, sharing

Manners At Parties
Author: Arianna Candell
Illustrator: Rosa M.Curto
How this book may help: By encouraging children to behave in a thoughtful, polite and caring manner at a party.
Publisher's summary: "In this story, it is Mark's birthday and the children have fun at his party. They learn that it's..." read more

Tags: behaviour, co-operation, hair, helping, party, politeness, rudeness, sharing, table manners, tidiness

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