Books on: Visiting the Doctor

Books which either explain what happens during a typical visit to the doctor, who reassure children who may be frightened or worried about medical procedures, such as immunisations.

Topsy and Tim: Go to the Doctor
Author: Jean and Gareth Adamson
Illustrator: Belinda Worsley
How this book may help: Introducing young children to what happens on a typical visit to the doctor. Provides a positive description of taking medicine.
One of a popular series of books featuring boy and girl twins Topsy and Tim. Tim doesn't want... read more

Tags: doctor, health, illness, treatment

Going to the Doctor (Usborne First Experiences)
Author: Anna Civardi
Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright
How this book may help: Introducing young children to common medical procedures which they may experience during a visit to the doctor, including immunisations.
Mr and Mrs Jay's children, Jenny, Joey and Jack, need to see the doctor. Jenny has a bad cough,... read more

Tags: None

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?
Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrator: Mark Teague
How this book may help: May encourage children who are reluctant to go to the doctor or take medicine to co-operate. Promotes good hygiene practices and contains suggestions for things children can do to look after themselves when they are ill.
The poorly life-size dinosaurs in this simple rhyming tale demonstrate the things they can do to... read more

Tags: illness, health, doctor, co-operation, medicine

Rachel Has Eczema
Author: Jenny Leigh
Illustrator: Woody Fox
How this book may help: Informing young children about eczema and how it is commonly treated. Acknowledging the emotional and physical distress some children with skin conditions may experience and providing a positive outcome at the end of the story.
Rachel Rhino and her family have just moved house and are having lunch with the Frog family, their... read more

Tags: illness, health, eczema, treatment

Doctor (First Time)
Illustrator: Jess Stockham
How this book may help: Shows what to expect at the doctors.
The book shows lots of different children experiencing treatment and interaction with the doctor or... read more

Tags: needles, medicine, immunisation, eczema, doctor, asthma, treatment, wheelchair

Asthma (Talking It Through)
Author: Althea
Illustrator: Frances Cony
How this book may help: This book contains lots of information about the causes, symptoms and treatment of asthma. It is positive and realistic in style.
The book opens by emphasising that asthma is not catching. It describes some of the causes... read more

Tags: asthma, doctor, eczema, health, illness, medicine, pet

I Can't Hear Like You (Talking it Through)
Author: Althea
Illustrator: Bridget Dowty
How this book may help: This book should give hearing children an insight into the experiences of a deaf child. Deaf children may relate to the boy in the story.
Tom, who is a young deaf boy, narrates his story. He tells the reader how he wears a hearing aid to... read more

Tags: bullying, deafness, doctor, emotions, fears, friends, health, prejudice, school

Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Cancer
Author: Ffion Jones and Kerry Foster-Mitchell
Illustrator: Ffion Jones
How this book may help: This is a very useful text, written in a clear and concise way. It might help a child to understand some of the facts about cancer, its diagnosis and treatment. It could also encourage a child to talk about their emotions if they are experiencing a similar situation.
Nurse Ted works at the hospital, and enjoys helping people to feel better if they are unwell -... read more

Tags: cancer, doctor, family, hair, hospital, illness, injections, medicine, mother, serious illness, terminal illness

My Visit to the Doctor
Illustrator: Rebecca Finn
How this book may help: A positive and appealing board book which will explain some simple facts about illnesses and doctor's visits to very young children.
Publisher's summary: "This reassuring book about going to the doctor for the first time is designed especially for..." read more

Tags: doctor, illness, medicine

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