Is It Because...?

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Author: Tony Ross

Illustrator: Tony Ross

Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd

How this book might help: A good starting point to introduce the subject of bullying and why it happens. It may encourage children to explore the feelings of the bully as well as the victim.

This skilfully written book handles the subject of bullying in a refreshing and thought-provoking way. A small boy ponders why Peregrine Ffrogg bullys him. The possible reasons the boy comes up with range from downright silly (Is it because he smells like a pike? Is it because of the size of his head?) to feasible (Is it because he missed his mum? Is it because he's feeling so low?) The boy eventually realises that Peregrine Ffrog might bully him because he wishes he could be him (the final illustration shows the boy's friends picking him up from the muddy puddle he's been pushed into by the bully and consoling him).

Age Range: 3+

Tags: sadness, hitting, emotions, bullying

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