The Teazles' Baby Bunny

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Author: Susan Bagnall

Illustrator: Tommaso Levente Tami

Publisher: British Association for Adoption and Fostering

Publisher's summary: "This colourful picture book for young children, aged two to four years old, tells the story of the Teazle rabbits and their adoption of a baby bunny. Mr and Mrs Teazle live happily in Foxaway Hollow – the one thing missing from their lives is a baby bunny of their own. They turn to Mr McBadger for help and are delighted when he tells them there is a little bunny looking for parents just like them. Together they prepare their home and welcome, with excitement and delight, the baby bunny into their family. The simple tale and clear pictures provide a gentle introduction to broaching the subject of adoption and pave the way for future discussions between parents, carers, social workers and children. It will help any adopted child to recognise how special they are and how much they are wanted. It will also make other children aware that there are different ways to build a family. In fact, any child who likes being read to will enjoy this book. The text has been written in rhyme to make it easy for children to remember and repeat. They will quickly learn the sequence of events so that they can anticipate what will happen next and comment or ask questions in a natural and unforced way. The book is accompanied by a set of guidelines for adults using the story, not only with children who have been adopted but with any child, as an introduction to adoption."

Age Range: 2+

Tags: adoption, family, foster

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