I Wished for You: An Adoption Story

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Author: Marianne Richmond

Illustrator: Marianne Richmond

Publisher: Richmond Studios

How this book might help: Reflects the unconditional love felt between a parent and their adopted child. Explains common aspects of the adoption process. Reinforces the view that physical differences within a family are not important.

Barley the young bear snuggles up with his Mama and prompts her to tell him the story of how she adopted him. She tells him how she wished long and hard for a special child, and had asked God to find her one who would be perfect for her. Barley asks if his birth mother had wished for him too, and Mama explains that sometimes a mother decides she cannot be the very best mother she wants to be. His birth mother loved him enough to wish for a family that would love him totally. Mama tells him how the adoption process took a very long time, but she waited patiently, imagining what her special child would be like. She describes how happy she was when Barley finally came to live with her, and he became her wish come true. She reassures him that it does not matter that he looks different to the rest of the family, and explains what is important is their love for each other.

Worth Noting: This book has a religious aspect which may be inappropriate for some situations.

Age Range: 2+

Tags: love, foster, family, being different, adoption, relationships

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