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Author: Andrew Cullen

Illustrator: Simon Rickerty

Publisher: Puffin

How this book might help: This book may encourage a child who is reluctant to eat vegetables to give them a try. It's also a good introduction to the 'green' issue of food miles, and may make children appreciate the effort and resources that go into getting food onto their plates.

The story of two peas called Pete and Penelope and their long journey from field to fork. The book describes the time and effort that goes into getting peas on to the plates of children, where they are often looked upon with disdain. The farmer plants and tends them throughout the year, the pods are then picked, packed and some are frozen. They travel long distances on ships and planes to the supermarkets, where parents buy them for their 'little princes and princesses' who steadfastly refuse to eat them. The illustrations show a grumpy little boy and girl holding up a fork containing a sad little abandoned pea. Pete and Penelope urge the children to give them a try, and 'give peas a chance'! There is a lovely double page illustration towards the end of the book showing children of all shapes, sizes and races saying "WE LOVE PEAS"!

Things we liked about this book: Brilliantly bold contemporary illustrations which should appeal to children in the same way that Dick Bruna's illustrative style does. The puns such as 'give peas a chance' may raise a smile from the adults!

Age Range: 2+

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Tags: eating, environment

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