Halibut Jackson

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Author: David Lucas

Illustrator: David Lucas

Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd

How this book might help: Reassuring anxious or shy children that others experience similar emotions. Providing a positive role model who learns to accept his shyness.

Halibut Jackson is very shy indeed. So shy that he makes himself many different camouflaged outfits to help him blend into the background and walk around unnoticed (but mostly he likes to stay at home). One day, he receives a beautifully ornate letter from the Queen inviting him to her grand birthday party. Halibut longs to go and visit the spectacular gold and silver palace which is covered in jewels. But he is worried he will be noticed if he attends the party. He sets about making himself a special silver and gold, jewel-encrusted suit for the party, in the hope that he will not be noticed by the other guests. How was Halibut to know that it was a garden party? Everybody notices him, and everybody wants a beautiful suit like his! The Queen and King commission him to make them each a special suit, and Halibut opens a tailor's shop and makes clothes for everybody. He now has plenty of friends, and plenty to do. He is still a little shy, but it doesn't seem to matter so very much at all.

Age Range: 2+

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Tags: phobias, fears, anxiety, shyness

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