The Cow That Laid an Egg

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Author: Andy Cutbill

Illustrator: Russell Ayto

Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books

How this book might help: A great choice to cheer up a child going through difficult times - they will probably be giggling out loud by the end of the book! There's also an underlying theme of acceptance, and may even strike a chord with adopted children.

Publisher's summary: "A madcap, yet moving, story about having the courage of one’s convictions, even when others doubt you, from the creator of 'Albie', Andy Cutbill, and the award-winning illustrator, Russell Ayto. Marjorie the cow doesn’t feel very special. She can’t ride bicycles or do cartwheels like the other cows. But one morning, Marjorie is astonished to discover something extraordinary… She’s laid an egg! But does the baby inside the egg really belong to Marjorie? Emotions run high in the farmyard as everyone waits to find out…"

Things we liked about this book: Russell Ayto's bold and witty illustrations match this genuinely funny story perfectly.

Age Range: 2+

Tags: adoption, foster, love, prejudice

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