Sammy the Elephant and Mr Camel

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Author: Joyce C. Mills

Illustrator: Marcy Ramsey

Publisher: Magination Press

How this book might help: Provides encouragement and support for children trying to overcome bedwetting, and acknowledges the emotions associated with this.

Publisher's summary: "Sammy The Elephant and Mr. Camel is a gently empowering book for children who have trouble staying dry. This encouraging story about a delightful little elephant will help children learn to overcome problems with wetting. A comprehensive healing metaphor, it addresses feelings of insecurity, frustration, and ridicule while encouraging children to find inner strength to overcome their challenges. "Accidents" are part of normal development. Before gaining full control of their bladders, most children have them from time to time. But wetting beyond age five can be stressful for both children and their parents. Children may face peer ridicule and rejection, especially once they enter kindergarten, and parents may feel discouraged as they try to solve this challenging problem. This book symbolizes the failure and frustrations that a child feels while dealing with enuresis and bedwetting. Through kind and simple encouragement and confidence-building examples, Mr. Camel helps Sammy develop the skills that he needs to overcome problems with wetting. In this second edition, a Note to Parents by psychologist Jane Annunziata, PsyD, further explains wetting problems and provides many practical tips to help children remain dry during the day and at night."

Age Range: 2+

Tags: anxiety

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