Dippy's Sleepover

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Author: Jane Clarke

Illustrator: Mary McQuillan

Publisher: Red Fox

How this book might help: Reassuring children that bed wetting is normal, and gently preparing them for a night away from home.

Dippy the Dinosaur wets the bed, he has a sleepover arranged with his friend Spike but doesn't want to tell Spike he wets the bed. Will he be dry in time? It turns out Spike wets the bed too and after the sleepover Dippy is reassured it is normal and lots of 'podlets' do it, and after that he has a dry night.

Reviewed by: Suzy Napper

Things we liked about this book: Good for any dinosaur-lovers that are finding bed-wetting upsetting.

Age Range: 2+

Tags: anxiety

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