Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World

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Author: Melanie Walsh

Illustrator: Melanie Walsh

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

Written in the first person in simple language for young children, this book encourages the reader to do child-friendly things to look after the environment: remembering to switch off lights, turn off taps, put litter in the bin, feed birds in winter, use both sides of the paper, remind mummy to turn off the TV at the wall, recycle old boxes into craft projects, walk to school, plant seeds and help recycle. The final page gives a powerful reason for doing these things: 'Because I love my World'.

Things we liked about this book: The simple and well planned structure of the pages, and the visually appealing illustrations (printed on 100% recycled paper). Children will enjoy lifting the flaps to reveal more details below.

Worth Noting: There is additional text which explains in more detail why each suggestion is good for the environment. This could be read to older children or omitted to keep things simple for younger ones.

Age Range: 2+

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Tags: environment, recycling

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