Billy Monster's Daymare

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Author: Alan Durant

Illustrator: Ross Collins

Publisher: OUP Oxford

How this book might help: Exploring common night time fears about monsters under the bed, in cupboards or lurking in shadows. This book may help to explain to a child in a humorous way that lots of people feel the same way. The humour lies in the fact that this book is about a monster having a “daymare” about a child!

Turning the tables on being afraid of monsters, the young monster “Billy” in this story is afraid of children. The book explores common night time fears in reverse, like imagining shadows as children or fearing children are behind the curtains or in cupboards giving the little monster a sleepless night and needing dad to come in again and again to tell him everything is alright and that “there are no such thing as children,” they are all in his head. At the end of the story Billy asks, ”but if there was such thing as you suppose they might be scared of monsters?” To which Dad replies, “Who could possibly be scared of us?” On the final page there is an illustration of eight different children who are in their own beds all scared at night time too! A reassuring message for a child reading this story with mum or dad to know that lots of people feel exactly the same as him.

Reviewed by: Debbie Brace

Worth Noting: Lots of pictures of monsters but monsters are obviously friendly and live life much the same as we do.

Age Range: 4+

Tags: anxiety, fears, nightmares, phobias

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