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Author: Gillian Lobel

Illustrator: Karin Littlewood

Publisher: Gullane Children's Books

How this book might help: To understand the loss of a loved one and that although life will carry on, they will not be forgotten.

Moonshadow is a young swan about to set off no his first migration. He is nervous and his grandfather reassures him along the way. His grandfather is the head of the swan family and leads the swans in their journey, which involves flying over many lands and seas. On the journey Moonshadow struggles and his grandfather, knowing this, guides them down to rest whilst watching over them. On the journey there is a terrible storm. Moonshadow starts to fall but is helped by his mother and father. When the winds die down Moonshadow cannot find his grandfather and is told of his loss in the storm by his mother. Moonshadow grieves for his grandfather and his father takes over as head of the swan family. His father explains to him that even though he is gone his grandfather will always be in his heart and one day Moonshadow will grow up to lead the swan family too, as his father is now.

Reviewed by: Amanda Spells

Things we liked about this book: Although this book deals with the bereavement of the grandfather, it does it in a very gentle and reassuring way. There is a lot of beautiful pictures and detail in the migration journey which softens the message and adds to the characters.

Age Range: 3+

Tags: bereavement, comfort, death, emotions, family, grandparent, love, relationships, sadness

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