Where's My Peg?: My First Day at School

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Author: Jen Green

Illustrator: Mike Gordon

Publisher: Wayland

How this book might help: May help a child who is about to start in reception class.

This book takes a chronological look at a little boy’s whole first day at school. The little boy in this book is nervous about his first day at school and walks to school with his friend Sonia and her Dad. He is helped to find his peg by a boy called Sam and he proceeds to experience the day at school from building towers, stroking the class guinea pig, painting a picture and singing in the hall. It portrays school as busy and fun and the story ends with a walk home with mum and a happy little boy already excited about his second day at school!

Reviewed by: Debbie Brace

Things we liked about this book: Some good notes at the end of the story to help parents consider their child starting school and ideas for preparing for this special day.

Worth Noting: A really good look at the inside of school life including playtime, lunch and story time at the end of the day when a parent comes to collect . The little boy and family in this book are brown skinned.

Age Range: 4+

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Tags: school

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