Little By Little

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Author: Amber Stewart

Illustrator: Layn Marlow

Publisher: OUP Oxford

How this book might help: Showing how, step by small step, confidence can build when learning something new. It may also appeal to a child who is learning how to swim, or is frightened of the water.

Scramble is a young otter who can’t swim. With the help and guidance of his family he starts by taking one day and one small step at a time. From hopping along the bottom of the river bed to floating (still holding on), to kicking and splashing he eventually manages to get across the river all by himself. Very soon he is gliding and turning roly polies under water AND jumping off the high rock into the deep pool.

Reviewed by: Jane Ward-Dutton

Things we liked about this book: Delightful illustrations, simply written.

Age Range: 3+

No readers have reviewed this book yet.

Tags: persistence, fears, anxiety, swimming

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