Back to School Tortoise

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Author: Lucy M. George

Illustrator: Merel Eyckerman

Publisher: Meadowside Children's Books

How this book might help: It shows how even though we all worry about situations, they usually turn out to be a lot more fun than we first thought.

After a lovely summer holiday Tortoise is going back to school, on his way he worries about tripping over, not liking lunch and the other children not being very nice to him and decides he can’t go in. But then he sits down and thinks a little more, what if it was fun, that he might like his lunch and make lots of new friends? So he decides to be brave and walks into the classroom and says hello to everyone. It turns out the Tortoise is actually the teacher!

Reviewed by: Amanda Spells

Things we liked about this book: The book is beautifully illustrated and takes its time unfolding the story. It has a simple story with a surprise ending that children love. It also shows that everyone worries, even the grown-ups!

Age Range: 2+

Tags: anxiety, confidence, friends, school

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