Eeeek, Mouse!

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Author: Lydia Monks

Illustrator: Lydia Monks

Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd

How this book might help: his book may help a child who is frightened of mice to see a less threatening side to them.

Mummy spots a mouse in the house, which frightens the entire household except little Minnie, who loves mice. Her pet cat seems intent on catching and eating the mouse, and Daddy sets about making an elaborate trap to catch the little rodent. Minnie has a cunning plan to prevent Daddy catching the mouse: she ties a thread to the trap and attaches a tiny bell to it so that she will be able to hear the mouse and rescue it. During the night the bell tinkles and Minnie is able to liberate the mouse and secretly re-house it in a lovingly made mouse house in her bedroom. Over the course of the next few nights, she frees a whole family of mice and sneaks them into their new home. All of a sudden, the cat pounces at the mice but misses and lands on Minnie's head, and she is able to warn the mice in time and they run away. The next morning Daddy gives up on his trap as he hasn't managed to catch anything, believing the mice have gone. Minnie is the only one who appears to know their new secret location behind the skirting board in a luxury rodent residence! However the last illustration shows the sneaky cat trying to unscrew the air vent to get at the mice...

Things we liked about this book: Lydia Monk's witty and colourful illustrations lend themselves perfectly to the story. We loved the sparkly mouse footprints on the cover of the book.

Worth Noting: Although Daddy is keen to catch the mouse, he mentions that he intends to let it go free in the countryside rather than hurt it.

Age Range: 3+

No readers have reviewed this book yet.

Tags: pet, mice, fears, phobias

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