Doctor Monkey

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Author: Felix Hayes

Illustrator: Hannah Broadway

Publisher: Bloomsbury

How this book might help: This would be a great choice for a child who is poorly to read in bed.

Best friends Monkey and Robot live in a house together. One morning, Robot has a headache, a runny nose and feels tired. Monkey thinks it is brilliant that Robot has a cold as he wants to play at being a doctor! He orders Robot to his bed, takes his temperature and reads him a book. When Robot begins to feel better and wants to get up, 'Doctor Monkey' insists that he stays in bed as he's enjoying himself too much. Monkey won't let Robot do anything, so Robot pretends to fall asleep. Monkey gets bored, then feels tired and a bit unwell. He has caught Robot's cold! Robot gets his turn to be the doctor, and the two friends have fun playing (and neither has to stay in bed this time!)

Things we liked about this book: Delightful illustrations and endearing characters which should really appeal to children. The book includes some really nice pop-out and stand-up cardboard characters and accessories, plus a join-the-dots puzzle.

Age Range: 1+

Tags: co-operation, friends, illness

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