Invisible Isabelle

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Author: Wendy Sefcik

Illustrator: Wendy Sefcik

Publisher: Broken Box Designs

How this book might help: This may encourage children to embrace their creativity and self-expression and not to succumb to peer-pressure and bullying.

Isabelle adored designing and creating clothes, so when she received a sewing box for her seventh birthday, she set to work making a special and unique outfit for herself. She was delighted with her 'cuckoo' ensemble, but her classmates teased her and laughed at her for wearing something different from the normal fashions popular at school. Devastated Isabelle ran to the restroom and threw away her new clothes, hairstyle and accessories. Without her unique outfit, she blended so much into the background that she quite literally vanished. Scared and confused, Isabelle confided in her imaginative art teacher, who explained to Isabelle that the problem was that she had lost her self-expression. She encouraged her to embrace her unique style and to wear her beautiful creations with pride. Isabelle began designing her own fashions again, and although not everyone liked them, she was confident and proud enough to go her own way.

Worth Noting: The book is set in the USA (the art teacher says "This is America - Land of the Free!"), although the concept and messages should appeal to children from other countries too. The illustrations are similar to the doodles a young girl may draw.

Age Range: 5+

Tags: being different, confidence, diversity, persistence, prejudice

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