Grandma and Grandpa's Garden

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Author: Neil Griffiths

Illustrator: Gabriella Buckingham

Publisher: Red Robin Books

How this book might help: A well-written and touching book about the death of a grandparent. This would be a good choice for a child who has lost a loved one.

Grandma and Grandpa loved their beautiful garden and spent many happy hours together tending it. They looked forward to visits from their granddaughter Lucy, who enjoyed gardening with them. Sadly, Grandma became ill and was no longer able to go outside. One morning, she took one final look at her garden from her bed by the window, and passed away in her husband's arms. Grandpa grieved quietly, unable to bring himself to tend the garden, and it became full of weeds. Lucy gently persuaded him to start gardening again in Grandma's memory, pointing out how the roses were like Grandma's soft cheeks, the forget-me-nots were as blue as her eyes, and the sunflowers reminded her of her smiling face. As Lucy grew up, she spent time in the garden with her Grandpa and it brought them happiness and comfort. The story concludes with Lucy as an adult reassuring her grandfather that the garden will always remind her of him too.

Things we liked about this book: A lovely comforting book. Adults and children will appreciate its gentleness and simplicity. The book skilfully explores the grieving process and how pain can give way to happy memories.

Age Range: 3+

Tags: bereavement, death, emotions, family, grandparent, illness, loneliness, loss, love, sadness

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