Ready Steady Ghost!

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Author: Elizabeth Baguley

Illustrator: Marion Lindsay

Publisher: OUP Oxford

How this book might help: By tapping into children's emotions of feeling small in a big world. Children who are afraid of ghosts may be comforted by the central character, Bertie: a very friendly phantom!

Bertie is a little ghost who wishes he was as good at haunting as the big ghosts. However, he finds it all a bit too scary. He would love a small, cosy house which would be perfect for a little ghost to haunt. As he makes his way through the dark woods, he comes across a gobble-me wolf, a squeeze-me snake and a sizzle-me dragon. Eventually he finds a house, but it is not the cosy place he was hoping for. It is an enormous castle with a dog who chases Bertie up the stairs to the attic. It is here that he discovers his perfect cosy place: a toy castle complete with a miniature king and queen who are delighted that Bertie wants to be their resident 'scary' ghost. Bertie would never feel small again!

Things we liked about this book: The beautiful illustrations shouldn't be too frightening for the very young. Children will enjoy the repetitive phrases ("shiver-me, shake-me!")

Age Range: 2+

Tags: anxiety, fear of the dark, fears, ghosts

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