Don't Panic, Annika!

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Author: Juliet Clare Bell

Illustrator: Jennifer E Morris

Publisher: Piccadilly Press Ltd

How this book might help: This entertaining story contains some simple techniques that anxious children could use to stay calm.

Annika is a panicker! She panics when she drops a toy in the fishpond. She panics when her coat zip gets stuck on the way to a party. She panics when she can't find her favourite toy at bedtime. Her mum, dad and brother show her some simple ways to stay calm in a crisis: taking deep breaths, counting to ten slowly, and closing her eyes and imagining how good it will feel when the problem is solved. When Annika finds herself locked in to the house and alone, she uses her calming techniques to stop everyone else panicking as they try to rescue her. Annika is no longer a panicker - she has learnt to conquer her anxieties.

Age Range: 3+

Tags: anxiety, emotions, fears

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