Princess and the Castle

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Author: Caroline Binch

Publisher: Red Fox

How this book might help: Step-Father Overcoming Fears

Genevieve, her mother and brother live in a little harbour-side house. Following her father's death at sea Genevieve stays well away from the shore and is afraid of the waves. She does, however, love the castle across the bay and dreams of being a princess. When Cedric (her mum's new friend)arrives in their lives it takes some getting used to, but the biggest challenge is when he offers to take them on a family outing - a trip across the bay to the 'Princess Castle' - can Genevieve overcome her fears?

Worth Noting: Caroline Binch is the illustrator of Mary Hoffman's 'Amazing Grace' stories and the illustrations in this book are jsut as striking.

Age Range: 5+

Tags: anxiety, bereavement, death, family, fears, loss

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