Gentle Willow

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Author: Joyce C Mills

Illustrator: Cary Pillo

Publisher: Magination Press

How this book might help: This is a book for children with a terminal illness and it also offers support to families, siblings and friends of these children.

Amanda Squirrel and her friend live in the forest and are especially fond of the willow tree. But willow tree begins to change and the wise owls of the forest say there is nothing to be done and everyone should simply offer a special medicine called love which will help willow with the changes she is about to undergo. Squirrel talks to willow about the changes a caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly. Little Tree and Squirrel remember all the good things that Willow has left behind and the different ways they will all remember her.

Age Range: 5+

Tags: loss, illness, death, bereavement, terminal illness

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