The Scar

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Author: Charlotte Moundlic

Illustrator: Olivier Tallec

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

How this book might help: This supportive and compassionate book would be an ideal tool to explain grief and loss to young children. A child who has lost a parent or other loved one may identify with the emotions felt by the boy in the story.

A beautiful and moving story about a boy whose mother dies after a long illness. It tenderly captures the relationship with his father and grandmother as he comes to terms with the reality of life without his Mum. The boy wakes up to find that his sick mother has died. He is sad and angry and fears that he might forget her. His desire to keep his mother close leads him to keep all the windows in the house closed so that his mother's smell will linger forever. He picks at a scab to remember her comforting voice. His grandma arrives and, much to the little boy's distress, she throws open all the windows. Grandma, however, tells him that he will never forget his mum as she is forever in his heart.

Things we liked about this book: We highly recommended this book. The author Charlotte Moundlic has skilfully portrayed the boy's emotions as he negotiates the long journey through the grieving process. Despite the heartbreaking subject, the book is humorous in places, reflecting the endearing quirkiness of the boy's thoughts and behaviour. Olivier Tallec's charming illustrations also capture the emotions of the story brilliantly.

Age Range: 5+

Tags: mother, loss, grandparent, death, bereavement, sadness, serious illness

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