Aaaarrgghh, Spider!

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Author: Lydia Monks (Author)

Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd

How this book might help: Overcoming fears and phobias associated with spiders.

A lonely spider wants to be the family pet but the family don't like spiders and no matter how hard he tries they just put him outside. Whenever he tries to show them he would make a good pet, they shout: "AAAARRGGHH, Spider!". Eventually he gives up and decides to live on his own in the garden. The family look in the garden and see the beautiful shiny webs and decide to keep him for a pet - until he invites all his friends to stay!

Reviewed by: Rosemary Griffith

Things we liked about this book: Beautifully illustrated with superb 'glittery' embellishments. The spider in this book is so endearing that he may alleviate a child's fears.

Age Range: 2+

No readers have reviewed this book yet.

Tags: fears, phobias

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