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Author: Birgitta Sif

Illustrator: Birgitta Sif

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

How this book might help: Every child feels different and alone sometimes and all carers learn to fear the wail “I don’t have any friends”. When loneliness strikes this book is the only friend a child will need.

Birgitta Sif creates a fascinating, shadowy dream-world populated by comical, bug-eyed characters. Oliver doesn’t mind being different all by himself: he’d rather have exciting adventures in his imaginary world on his own than be the same as everybody else. Then one day he meets Olivia and realizes he doesn’t have to be alone to be different: they can be different together. The story is captivating and children will enjoy poring over the enchanting and detailed illustrations (Olivia, Oliver’s future friend, can be spotted on the first page and appears throughout).

Reviewed by: Sarah Mohammed-Coleman

Tags: loneliness, friends, being different, shyness

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