Walter and the No-Need-to-Worry Suit

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Author: Rachel Bright

Illustrator: Rachel Bright

Publisher: HarperCollins Children

How this book might help: Although childhood is supposed to be a carefree time of no responsibilities in fact many children do worry about anything from friendships to sports day.

Walter is also a worrier and when he finds that he has been entered in three events in the Woollybottom Sports and Funday his worries begin to get a little out of control. Luckily his best friend Winnie and the rest of the Woollybottom animals are on hand to come up with a clever cure for Walter’s worrying.

Reviewed by: Sarah Mohammed-Coleman

Things we liked about this book: Comical, colourful illustrations will help children take a lighter look at their worries.

Tags: anxiety, exercise, friends

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