Author: Anne Gwinn Zawistoski

Illustrator: Heide M. Woodworth

Publisher: Peeps Eyewear

How this book might help: This lovely board book could be used to introduce young children to wearing glasses in a positive way. It should help children who need glasses and their families family feel less alone and more comfortable with glasses. It could also be used to help other children learn more about why some children need glasses.

This appealing board book contains photographs of babies and young children in glasses playing, exploring, and enjoying the world. The text is written as simple poetry which celebrates the role of glasses in a young child’s life.

Things we liked about this book: Our young reviewers really enjoyed sharing this book and we noticed that they spent a long time looking at the photographs and asking questions about the various designs and colours of the glasses. Highly recommended.

Book NOT AVAILABLE ON AMAZON UK site: Available here

Tags: glasses


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