The Huge Bag of Worries

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Author: Virginia Ironside

Illustrator: Frank Rodgers

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

How this book might help: A good starting point to encourage children to discuss their anxieties and fears. It may also help children to realise that many children suffer with anxiety.

Jenny has been worrying a lot lately, about a lot of different things. Is she getting too fat? Does her pet dog have fleas? Then one day she discovers a huge bag of worries at the end of her bed and it follows her everywhere. She doesn't feel she can tell anyone about the bag of worries and begins to think they will never go away. But once the old lady from next door explains that Jenny needs to open up the bag and share the worries with someone else, Jenny is pleased to find that the worries don't seem so big after all.

Reviewed by: Claire Atkins

Tags: anxiety, emotions, fears, nightmares

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