Goodbye Mog

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Author: Judith Kerr

Publisher: Collins

How this book might help: Comforting children who have lost a much-loved pet, and suggesting that grief can ease over time.

Mog the pet cat is very old and 'dead tired'. She dies, but a little bit of her stays behind (illustrated as a floating 'spirit cat') to see what happens to the family that loved her so much. Mog's spirit watches as the family mourn for her, and at first she thinks they will never cope without her around. When a new kitten comes to live with them, Mog thinks the new cat is too small and a bit stupid. When the kitten gets lost, Mog's spirit intervenes and helps the kitten to settle in to the family. 'Rumpus' the kitten is finally established as the new family pet, but it is clear that Mog will never be forgotten. Her spirit floats into the sun.

Worth Noting: Some readers may feel that the concept of a 'spirit' cat watching over the family is inappropriate or misleading for certain situations.

Age Range: 2+

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Tags: cat, loss, pet, sadness

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