Our supported charity: Winston's Wish

Every 22 minutes a child in Britain is bereaved of a parent.

Over 24,000 children are bereaved of a parent each year in Britain.

Over 500 children a year receive in-depth help from Winston's Wish, including family consultations, individual and group support, plus follow-up meetings.

Every year their Helpline supports around 3,500 families and professionals, benefiting an estimated 7,000 children.

Every time someone like you uses the links from this website to Amazon to purchase books, Amazon pays little Parachutes a referral fee. 50% of the referral fees we earn go to Winston's Wish. All remaining fees go towards the running costs of the project.

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Winston’s Wish is the leading childhood bereavement charity. Every 22 minutes a child in Britain is bereaved of a parent. This equates to over 24,000 newly bereaved children each and every year. Winston's Wish believe bereaved children need support to make sense of death and rebuild their lives. For more information about Winston’s Wish please visit www.winstonswish.org.uk or call 01242 515157. The Helpline number for families and professionals is 08452 03 04 05.

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Winston’s Wish is a Registered Charity (England and Wales) 1061359 (Scotland) SC041140

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