Virginia Mallin

Virginia Mallin: Psychotherapist

BA, Adv Dip Psych Couns (WPF), FPC, BACP, UKCP.

Virginia is Little Parachute's resident Psychotherapist, making an important contribution to the website by providing professional advice, support and information. Virginia trained at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation whilst her two daughters were small. In addition to over 12 years’ experience offering psychotherapy in private practice for adults and young people, she has worked as Media Liaison Consultant for her graduate body(FPC), counselled within the NHS in primary care and as consultant psychotherapist at The Priory’s Eating Disorders Unit, been Deputy Manager of a young person's counselling centre for the London Borough of Ealing, and is currently managing a therapy service for a leading girls’ secondary school. She is passionate about developing emotional literacy and education for parents and children. You can read more about Virginia's work on her own website, Counselling South East
Joanne Partis

Joanne Partis: Illustrator

Joanne was commissioned by Little Parachutes to produce the delightful illustrations of children that are featured on the website. She is a highly successful children's book author and illustrator with a large portfolio of published works, including the popular titles 'Stripe', 'My Cat Just Sleeps' and the 'Sparkle Street' series. She has produced work for many publishers, including Oxford University Press, Egmont Press, Orchard Books, Macmillan and Campbell Books. Her book 'Look At Me!' was short-listed for the BookTrust Early Years Award, and her stories have been featured on the BBC's 'Tikkabilla' and 'Step Inside' children's programmes. Joanne lives in West Sussex with her husband and three young children. You can read more about her in the Little Parachutes Magazine
Veronica Peerless

Veronica Peerless: Features Editor

Veronica is Little Parachute's resident features writer and editor. She has 18 years' experience in TV production and magazine publishing and is currently the features editor of a consumer magazine. She is the proud auntie of Max (8) and Joe (5), both of whom love to snuggle up with a book.
Rebecca Seymour

Rebecca Seymour: In-house Writer

Rebecca loves stories, and has even written a few herself. So it is no hardship to be here, reviewing all of these lovely books for Little Parachutes. With four children, Rebecca isn’t short of help when it comes to appraising new books -there’s always plenty of feedback to work with. In her spare time, Rebecca likes to draw horses and climb trees. She hasn’t really ever grown up, which means that reading children’s picture books is a most suitable past time. Rebecca is very proud to be involved with Little Parachutes.
Claire Ward-Dutton

Claire Ward-Dutton: Founder

Claire has twenty years' experience as a web designer and developer, and has produced work for many diverse organisations including The National Maritime Museum,, Hampshire Dance, The Southbank Centre, Illustrated London News and NHS Careers. She lives in West Sussex with her husband Neil, her son Oscar and daughter Alice. Claire began Little Parachutes when she realised how difficult it can be to find suitable picture books to help young children in challenging situations.
Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil Ward-Dutton: Co-Developer

Neil is co-founder and Research Director of MWD Advisors, and is one of Europe's most experienced and high-profile IT industry analysts. He began his career as a programmer, a skill which he has been making use of in recent months by co-developing the Little Parachutes website with his wife, Claire. Which possibly makes him the most patient person in the world.

Review Team

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