Help and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Using the Picture Book Library
    • What books are included in the library?
      Our library is specifically for ‘situation’ picture books (ie, picture books which are relevant to the challenges, problems and situations that young children encounter). The library is not intended to cover all children’s picture books (and there are plenty of other sites already fulfilling this service).
    • What age group are the books suitable for?
      The books in the library are intended primarily to be suitable for young children up to the age of seven. However, this is intended to be a rough guide only and some books may appeal to older children too. We recommend that you read the book on your own before reading to a child to gauge suitability for your particular child/situation.
    • How do I find a book on a particular subject?
      You can either browse through the subject categories, or use the search box in the header of every page
    • The subject I am covering is not included, what do I do?
      We endeavour to cover as many subjects as possible. If you would like to see an additional subject in the library, please email us your suggestion and we will consider it for inclusion.
    • The book am looking for is not included, what do I do?
      We would be delighted to receive your recommendations for books not included in the library. Use this link to Submit recommendations to Little Parachutes
    • Can I look for books by a certain author/publisher/illustrator?
      Yes. You can either use the search box in the header to find something in particular, or click on the author/publisher/illustrator details on the review detail page to see all available in the library.
    • What are ‘tags’ and how do I use them?
      ‘Tags’ are an alternative way to browse through the books in the Little Parachutes library. Tags relate to the subjects covered in the books, and allow you to ‘cross-reference’ with other books tagged with the same subjects/keywords.
  • How are books rated?
    The ratings you see on the site (where books are rated between 1 and 5 ‘hearts’) are the average ratings as awarded by users submitting book reviews. These ratings are not controlled by Little Parachutes, so it may be that we’ve reviewed a book favourably and our users have given it a low rating (or vice-versa)
  • What are Little Parachutes ‘We Love This Book’ Awards?
    You will see a number of books around the website which have been awarded our Little Parachutes 'We Love This Book' Award. These books have been earmarked by our editorial team as being particularly special. To qualify for this award, we must consider the book to be not only helpful for children facing situations and issues, but also be well written, entertaining to read and beautifully illustrated. You can browse our awarded books here If you agree or disagree with our choices, why not provide a review of your own for these books? Just log in to your account to do this. If you would like to recommend a book which is not currently featured on the website, you can do so here.
  • I think a review is misleading or offensive. What can I do?
    We endeavour to make our book reviews as accurate possible but occasionally we may make mistakes. Please email us at if you have any comments on one of our reviews. To report an offensive or inappropriate user comment or review, please email
  • Using the Book List feature
    • How do I use the book list?
      You can add books to a book list from the book detail page by clicking the ‘add this to my book list’ button. You can add as many books as you like to your list.
  • Buying Through Amazon
    • Why should I use Little Parachutes' 'Buy from Amazon' links?
      By using these links you are supporting children's bereavement charity, Winston's Wish. Find out how here.
    • How do I buy a book on Amazon?
      You can link through to to buy individual books from the book details pages on the website by clicking on the ‘Buy from’ button. If you would like to buy a selection of books, add then first to your book list, make sure the books you wish to buy have the check box next to their titles checked, then click the ‘add to basket’ button. You will then be given the opportunity to link through to, where your book selection will be added to your Amazon shopping basket. You will be able to edit your selection of books/change quantities once you are on the Amazon site.
    • I want to buy a book, but the link to Amazon won’t work/book is unavailable
      Occasionally there may be a title in the Little Parachutes website which is either temporarily unavailable to buy at Amazon (it may be out of stock, or Amazon may be experiencing technical difficulties). There are a few books in our library that are not available at all on Amazon. We always endeavour to provide information on where the book is available where possible.
    • I didn’t receive my book/received the wrong one
      Little Parachutes does not handle the payment gateway, fulfillment, or delivery of books. This is provided using a third party affiliate link to Little Parachutes cannot be held responsible for the service provided by
  • About the Little Parachutes Newsletter/Mailing List
    • How do I subscribe to your mailing list?
      You can subscribe to receive occasional email newsletters from Little Parachutes here.
    • What do I get if I subscribe to the mailing list?
      You will receive a copy of our email newsletter. This contains a round up of what’s happening on the site, advice and information on related issues, links to features in the magazine, competitions and offers and other relevant information. We will never pass on your subscriber details to a third party.
    • How do I unsubscribe?
      You may unsubscribe by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the footer of every email newsletter.
    • How do I change my email address?
      You can change your email and other information by clicking on the ‘Update Your Profile’ link on the footer of every email newsletter.
    • Can I forward the newsletter to a friend?
      Please do! There’s a link on the footer of the newsletter which you can use to do this.
  • Keeping In Touch
    • Can I join the Facebook group?
      Yes. You can join by visiting our Facebook page and clicking on the ‘like’ button on the Facebook group.
    • Can I follow you on Twitter?
      Yes. Twitter
    • Does the magazine have an RSS feed?
      We provide a FeedBurner RSS feed, which is available here. Here’s an article on feeds and their benefits.
  • About Little Parachutes
    • Can you tell me about the project?
      Find out more about Little Parachutes here. If you are interested in the story behind the idea, there is an article in the Little Parachutes Magazine.
    • Is it a commercial venture?
      Little Parachutes was founded primarily to help parents and other carers help children with life’s challenges. It was not developed to be a commercial venture. We provide an affiliate link to so that our users can buy books featured in our library. Amazon passes back to us a small percentage of any sales referred from Little Parachutes. 50% of the profit from these referral fees will be donated to children’s bereavement charity Winston's Wish. The remaining 50% goes towards the running costs of the project. In the future we may look into ways to make the site more commercially viable, for example, by finding corporate sponsors for particular book categories, or displaying advertisements. We will only feature commercial content which we consider to be relevant and appropriate to the subjects we cover, and will never accept content from companies with poor ethical standards.
    • Who writes the reviews and articles?
      The Little Parachutes in-house book reviews and magazine articles are currently written by our team of contributors. All provide their skills and talents on a voluntary basis and receive no payment for their contributions. Our registered members provide additional reviews on our book details pages.
  • Getting Involved/Volunteering Opportunities
    • Are there any opportunities for volunteers?
      We are always keen to hear from people who would like to get involved with the project, in areas such as writing reviews or articles and proof-reading and editing content. We are also looking for people with relevant experience and knowledge to act as advisors for the project (eg, health visitors, teachers, librarians, therapists, publishers, authors or illustrators). Please contact us if you would like to get involved in any way or have any ideas, or simply want more information. Please note that currently we cannot offer any payment to contributors.
    • How do I recommend Little Parachutes to a friend or colleague?
      We would be delighted if you would like to recommend us to someone you know. We operate on a very small shoestring and cannot afford lavish promotional campaigns, so we really appreciate it if our users spread the word about us. You can use this form to recommend a friend or colleague (you must be logged in to your account to do this)
  • Advertising and sponsorship
    • Can I sponsor a category or area of the website?
      If you would like to discuss possible sponsorship opportunities, please contact us
    • Can I advertise on Little Parachutes?
      If you would like to discuss possible advertising opportunities, please contact us
  • Info for Children’s Book Publishers
    • How do I make sure I’m kept up to date with Little Parachutes?
      You can do so in a number of ways. You can join Little Parachutes (ensuring you check the box in the registration form to say you are a publisher) and we will send you news and updates from the site that are relevant to you. You can also follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook group, or subscribe to our Magazine RSS feed. Please email us if you are interested in a particular subject or category and we will ensure that you receive relevant updates.
    • Can I send Little Parachutes review copies of children's books?
      Little Parachutes is a great way for you to publicise your books. We are always keen to receive review copies of books in your catalogue that you feel may be appropriate for the Little Parachutes library (please email us and we will send you our postal address). Please also notify us if you have a mailing list which we can subscribe to.
  • Info for Journalists/Editors/Other Press & Media
    • How do I make sure I’m kept up to date with Little Parachutes?
      You can do so in a number of ways. You can join Little Parachutes (ensuring you check the box in the registration form to say you are a journalist/editor) and we will send you news and updates from the site that are relevant to you. You can also follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook group, or subscribe to our Magazine RSS feed. Please email us if you are interested in a particular subject or category and we will ensure that you receive relevant press releases. We are in the process of setting up a Press Club and will notify you of any developments provided you are a Little Parachutes member/you have given us your contact details.
    • Can I reproduce your features, reviews or articles?
      All site content on Little Parachutes is copyrighted and must not be reproduced without prior permission. However, many of our magazine articles are available for use in the press/media with permission, providing a profile and link to Little Parachutes is provided. Please email us for more details.
  • Contact Us
    • I have a question not covered here. How do I contact you?
      If you have any questions not covered on this page or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to email us.
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