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Books which encourage children to learn to dress themselves. Some promote the idea that getting dressed can be fun, while others help children to make decisions on what type of clothing is appropriate for different situations.
Getting Dressed
Author: Felicity Brooks
Illustrator: Kay Widdowson
How this book may help: Encouraging children to begin to get dressed independently and think about what sort of clothing is suitable for different situations.
This brightly-coloured board book has magnetic pages, and comes with a set of magnetic clothing... read more

Tags: dressing

Ready, Steady, Grow!
Author: Sophie Piper
Illustrator: Georgie Birkett
How this book may help: Describing to the very young positive things they can do to help their bodies grow strong and healthy. May also reassure a child eager to 'be grown up' that each day, little by little, they are moving towards this. Personal safety issues, healthy eating and good hygiene are also touched upon.
This delightfully illustrated picture book advises the reader to take positive steps to make sure... read more

Tags: hygiene, health, growing up, exercise, eating, dressing, diversity, diet, wheelchair

Max and Millie Get Dressed
Author: Felicity Brooks
Illustrator: Desideria Guicciardini
How this book may help: An appealing board book which acknowledges that young children are easily distracted when it comes to getting dressed. The father in the story helps the children by making getting dressed into a fun game.
One of a series of books featuring friends Max and Millie. The children are too busy dressing up in... read more

Tags: co-operation, stubbornness

Ants in My Pants
Author: Wendy Mould
Illustrator: Wendy Mould
Publisher's summary: "Jacob would rather play with his trains than get dressed and go shopping. But when he reluctantly..." read more

Tags: behaviour, co-operation, dressing

Manners At Parties
Author: Arianna Candell
Illustrator: Rosa M.Curto
How this book may help: By encouraging children to behave in a thoughtful, polite and caring manner at a party.
Publisher's summary: "In this story, it is Mark's birthday and the children have fun at his party. They learn that it's..." read more

Tags: behaviour, co-operation, hair, helping, party, politeness, rudeness, sharing, table manners, tidiness

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