Books on: Babysitters

Books which portray babysitters in a positive light, or describe what to expect when a babysitter visits.

Baby Sitter (First Time)
Illustrator: Jess Stockham
How this book may help: A good choice of book to set a young child's expectations of what it is like to spend time with a baby sitter. It may calm a child who is anxious about being apart from a parent.
Publisher's summary: "Will I like my babysitter? Will we have fun? How long will they stay? Reading this book with your..." read more

Tags: babysitter, diversity, father, single parent, teeth

No Babysitters Allowed
Author: Amber Stewart
Illustrator: Laura Rankin
Publisher's summary: "Hopscotch is a very brave bunny – except when his parents go out and Mrs Honeybunch comes to..." read more

Tags: babysitter

An Evening at Alfie's
Author: Shirley Hughes
Illustrator: Shirley Hughes
How this book may help: Provides a positive view of babysitters.
Publisher's summary: "All is quiet at Alfie’s house – Mum and Dad have gone out and Maureen’s baby-sitting...." read more

Tags: babysitter

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