Books on: Working parents

Books that feature parents who work, including those who have to be away from the family home for extended periods.

The Great Big Book of Families
Author: Mary Hoffman
Illustrator: Ros Asquith
How this book may help: Highlighting the fact that families come in all shapes and sizes, this book celebrates diversity, explaining how every personal situation is different. It's a good book for debunking the traditional storybook myth that happy families usually consist of mother, father and two children. It highlights how different humans are in other ways too, from the hobbies they choose, through to the way they think and what they choose to cook and eat.
The key theme running through the book is that every family is different, and that's OK. It shows... read more

Tags: single parent, multicultural, mother, grandparent, foster, father, family, diversity, being different, adoption, wheelchair

My Mum Goes to Work
Author: Kes Gray
Illustrator: David Milgram
How this book may help: May help to reassure a child that all is well when a parent goes to work.
The little boy in the story explains that his mum goes out to work, but he knows she still loves... read more

Tags: absence, mother, separation anxiety, single parent

My Daddy's Going Away
Author: Christopher MacGregor
Illustrator: Jerry Pyke
How this book may help: A comforting and reassuring little book for children with temporarily absent fathers.
This book has been written in rhyme from a child's perspective. The illustrations depict a family... read more

Tags: separation anxiety, separation, father, family, absence, single parent

Dear Daddy
Author: Philippe Dupasquier
Illustrator: Philippe Dupasquier
How this book may help: Reassuring children that they are loved despite the fact that a parent sometimes needs to be absent for extended periods. Acknowledging separation anxieties and sadness children may experience when a parent is away from home.
A young girl writes to her father who is absent on board a ship on which he works. She relates... read more

Tags: absence, father, relationships, separation, separation anxiety

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