It's Not Fair (Your Feelings)

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Author: Brian Moses

Illustrator: Mike Gordon

Publisher: Wayland

How this book might help: Explores the concept of unfairness in a child-friendly way and encourages children to come to terms with this emotion. Also touches upon the subject of anger and violence as the child in the story feels like 'hitting out' when she considers things to be unfair.

A little girl tells the reader about some of the things that happen to her which she considers to be unfair (when friends can go to the cinema and she can't, when her big sister gets new trainers, when she's not picked for the football team, etc). She describes how this perceived unfairness makes her feel: "like a bee that can't reach a flower" and "like a big cat trapped behind bars", and how she feels like hitting out at someone. She explains how adults often react to her problems, telling her she will have to wait until she's older, or how she should be grateful for what she's got. Towards the end of the book, she begins to realise she's better off than many others, and she notices that many people around her often feel that things are unfair too.

Worth Noting: This book forms part of a series called 'Your Feelings' which tackle challenging situations in a child-friendly way, with humorous illustrations provided by Mike Gordon. These are not stories, but simply a child describing a feeling or problem they have and talking about what they did to improve the situation.

Age Range: 3+

Tags: relationships, jealousy, hitting, gratitude, friends, emotions, behaviour, anger, sadness

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