The Happy Book

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Author: Malachy Doyle

Illustrator: Caroline Uff

Publisher: Bloomsbury

How this book might help: A great starting point for talking about both positive and negative feelings with very young children. This book may gently encourage co-operation and good behaviour.

This charming book contains simply written messages encouraging children to spread happiness to others. The reader/listener is requested to 'share more' and 'squabble less', 'grab less' and 'give more', 'tease less' and 'tickle more', and so on. There is a page with a gentle anti-bullying message, another urging children to play outside rather than watching television, and another encouraging generosity. All themes are supported by Caroline Uff's colourful, warm and vibrant illustrations.

Age Range: 2+

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Tags: anger, anxiety, behaviour, bullying, emotions, environment, exercise, fears, sadness, sharing, tantrums

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