Books on: Parent in Prison

Books to help children who have a loved one in prison.

My Daddy's In Jail
Author: Anthony Curcio
Illustrator: Anthony Curcio
How this book may help: When a family member goes to prison, young children can be frightened and confused and perhaps feel they are in some way to blame. This important book, sensitively written by a former prisoner, is packed full of comforting explanations and reassurance for children in this challenging situation. It is also a good starting point for a conversation about what is right and wrong and the consequences of actions. It successfully explores the complex subjects of crime, justice, morality, rehabilitation, forgiveness and prison life in a child-friendly way, challenging common assumptions as it goes.
The story is narrated by Rhymer, a curious cockroach. The book is set in Honeytown, a place where... read more

Tags: father

Critters Cry Too: Explaining Addiction to Children
Author: Anthony Curcio
Illustrator: Anthony Curcio
How this book may help: This clever and sensitively written and illustrated book should be a great comfort for children who are dealing with parents or other loved ones battling a drug addiction.
The book explains addiction in a way children understand, and describes how addiction can make you... read more

Tags: abuse, anxiety

Tommy's Dad
Author: Emma Randle-Caprez
Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
How this book may help: Informing and comforting children who have a loved one in prison
In this sensitive story, Tommy Puddle returns from school one day to find out that his Dad isn't at... read more

Tags: absence, anxiety, father, loss, separation

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