Books on: Learning To Swim

Books which cover common aspects of learning to swim or visiting a swimming pool.

Little By Little
Author: Amber Stewart
Illustrator: Layn Marlow
How this book may help: Showing how, step by small step, confidence can build when learning something new. It may also appeal to a child who is learning how to swim, or is frightened of the water.
Scramble is a young otter who can’t swim. With the help and guidance of his family he starts by... read more

Tags: persistence, fears, anxiety, swimming

Going Swimming
Author: Sarah Garland
Illustrator: Sarah Garland
How this book may help: This is a good introduction to a typical visit to a swimming pool. It depicts the hustle and bustle which is often a feature of public swimming baths in a positive way which may reassure an apprehensive child.
The book, which has minimal text, shows the family (consisting of mother, daughter of about seven,... read more

Tags: swimming

Bear and Me
Author: Ella Burfoot
Illustrator: Ella Burfoot
How this book may help: Patience/Growing Up/Friendship
A little girl and her teddy bear are so small they can't swim, fly or climb, but both know things... read more

Tags: growing up, friends, swimming

Learn to Swim (Topsy & Tim)
Author: Jean and Gareth Adamson
Illustrator: Belinda Worsley
Publisher's summary: "Going to the swimming pool for the first time can be daunting but Topsy and Tim are having fun!..." read more

Tags: swimming

Peppa Goes Swimming
Author: Ladybird
Publisher's summary: "In this piggy tale it's George's first visit to the swimming pool and he's scared of the water. How..." read more

Tags: swimming

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