Amazing Grace

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Author: Mary Hoffman

Illustrator: Caroline Binch

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

How this book might help: Inspiring children to achieve their full potential by believing that anything is possible. Promoting tolerance and acceptance and celebrating diversity. Boosting self-esteem and dealing with prejudice.

Grace adores play acting and dressing up as her favourite fictional characters. So when her teacher announces her class are going to do the play of Peter Pan Grace immediately volunteers herself as Peter. Some of her classmates protest, telling her she can't be Peter Pan as he's a boy, and he's not black. This upsets Grace. But when her Ma and Nana hear about what the children have said, they explain to Grace that she can be anything she wants to be if she has determination. Nana takes Grace to the ballet, where the lead dancer is a beautiful black girl. Grace realises her family was right: she can be anything she wants to be. At the school auditions, all the children vote for her and she is given the role of Peter Pan. The play is a great success and Grace gives a magical performance.

Age Range: 3+

Average reader rating:

 5 out of 5

Tags: persistence, multicultural, gender, diversity, confidence, being different, prejudice

User Reviews:

"PC But Loved"

Reviewed by: nigama


"I was initially put off this book as I felt it was very correct and not really about my set-up. But was proved wrong by how much my daughter loved it and was really interested in all the relationships throughout the book. She also proudly declared she wasn't a Grace as she really preferred being a fairy tale princess at the end but understands a lot more about diferences between people and making choices which I think the books does well.She asks for the book time and time again. "


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