Eric!...the Hero?

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Author: Christopher Wormell

Illustrator: Christopher Wormell

Publisher: Red Fox

How this book might help: Any child who sometimes feels less intelligent, less capable and less successful than others will be heartened by the story of Eric who isn’t much good at anything but turns out to be a hero.

Dramatic illustrations, fairy-tale setting, a friendly narratorial voice and effective use of repetition make this book a spell-binding read. Small children discouraged by their physical limitations and older children struggling with the new demands of school and criticism from their peers will identify with Eric the “twit”, “nitwit”, “dunce” and “dope” who is the only one in the whole village who stands up to a monster.

Reviewed by: Sarah Mohammed-Coleman

Tags: anxiety, autism, bullying, confidence, emotions, fears, loneliness, monsters, prejudice

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