Books on: Moving House

Books to help children who are moving house or relocating to a new school or different area. Some books focus on the practicalities of moving house while others explore the emotions involved.
Moving House (Usborne First Experiences)
Author: Anna Civardi
Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright
How this book may help: Explaining typical events associated with moving house. Reassuring anxious children that new friends can be made.
This book describes the most common aspects of moving house in a simple way that young children... read more

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I Want That Room!: Moving House
Author: Jen Green
Illustrator: Mike Gordon
How this book may help: Providing reassurance that the house moving experience can be a positive one and children can adapt to new situations.
Excited but worried at the prospect of a new house, a boy and his sister are concerned how the... read more

Tags: moving house

A New Room for William
Author: Sally Grindley
Illustrator: Carol Thompson
How this book may help: Moving house, divorce/separation, making new friends
William and his mum have moved to a new house and William has a new room, which feels strange and... read more

Tags: moving house, divorce, separation

Moving Day!
Illustrator: Jess Stockham
How this book may help: This book might help to set a young child's expectations of what happens during a typical house move.
The twins in the story (a boy and girl) are shown helping to pack, sort and label boxes in... read more

Tags: moving house, multicultural

Two Nests
Author: Laurence Anholt
Illustrator: Jim Coplestone
How this book may help: How this book may help: For very young children experiencing the separation or divorce of their parents can be an extremely confusing and troubling time. This book provides an easily understood and reassuring picture of how family life can continue happily even if parents are living apart.
After a whirlwind romance two birds, Betty and Paul, find themselves raising a new chick in a small... read more

Tags: divorce, family, father, mother, moving house, separation, single parent

Little Home Bird
Author: Jo Empson
Illustrator: Jo Empson
How this book may help: Encourages a child to appreciate that moving home, even if only temporarily, can be a pleasant experience, and subtly suggests some coping strategies for being happy wherever home may be at any one time.
Little Bird loves his home. He is happy there, and has all of his favourite things around him. But... read more

Tags: family, moving house, sadness

Little Princess - I Want to Go Home!
Author: Tony Ross
Illustrator: Tony Ross
Publisher's summary: "The Little Princess has been moved to a new castle, where there is lots more room! But she just..." read more

Tags: moving house

Our New House
Illustrator: Rebecca Finn
How this book may help: A positive introduction to moving house, aimed at very young children. This tactile board book acknowledges that children can feel a bit sad when they have to wave goodbye to their old house.
Publisher's summary: "This reassuring book about moving house for the first time is designed especially for toddlers and..." read more

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