Books on: Washing & Good Hygiene

Books which either encourage children to adopt good hygiene practices or tell cautionary tales of children who refused to take a bath or clean their teeth!
I Don't Want to Have a Bath!
Author: Julie Sykes
Illustrator: Tim Warnes
How this book may help: Encouraging bathing and good hygiene and promoting co-operation.
Little Tiger loves to play exciting games and get messy and dirty, but is far less keen to wash... read more

Tags: hygiene, washing

Tissue, Please!
Author: Lisa Kopelke
Illustrator: Lisa Kopelke
How this book may help: Encouraging good manners, hygiene and politeness.
Frog and his friends all have runny noses, which disrupts their ballet classes. Their teacher, Miss... read more

Tags: manners, hygiene, behaviour, politeness

Harry the Dirty Dog
Author: Gene Zion
Illustrator: Margaret Bloy Graham
How this book may help: May encourage a reluctant bather to brave the bathtub!
Originally published in 1956, Harry the dog will still charm children today with his cheeky... read more

Tags: co-operation, washing

Ready, Steady, Grow!
Author: Sophie Piper
Illustrator: Georgie Birkett
How this book may help: Describing to the very young positive things they can do to help their bodies grow strong and healthy. May also reassure a child eager to 'be grown up' that each day, little by little, they are moving towards this. Personal safety issues, healthy eating and good hygiene are also touched upon.
This delightfully illustrated picture book advises the reader to take positive steps to make sure... read more

Tags: hygiene, health, growing up, exercise, eating, dressing, diversity, diet, wheelchair

Keeping Clean
Author: Liz Gogerly
Illustrator: Mike Gordon
How this book may help: May encourage children reluctant to wash or clean their teeth to do so more regularly. At the same time it acknowledges that children should be allowed to get mucky during play.
Keeping Clean is about two little boys, Kurt and Karim, who love being grubby and avoid having... read more

Tags: co-operation, hygiene, washing

The Tale of Georgie Grub
Author: Jeanne Willis
Illustrator: Margaret Chamberlain
How this book may help: Showing the consequences of the avoidance of soap and water.
No matter how hard his mother tries Georgie will not have a bath and shuns all efforts to get him... read more

Tags: hygiene, washing

How Your Body Works (Talking It Through)
Author: Althea
Illustrator: Frances Cony
How this book may help: Inspires a sense of wonder at the human body which may encourage healthy eating and other good habits such as teeth-cleaning and hand-washing.
Simple and entertaining illustrations support a clear and informative account of the workings of... read more

Tags: eating, health, teeth, washing

Hugh Shampoo
Author: Karen George
Illustrator: Karen George
How this book may help: Children who dislike having their hair brushed, washed or cut may identify with the boy in the story.
Much to the disappointment of his salon-owning and beautifully styled mother and father, Hugh... read more

Tags: co-operation, compliance, family, hair, hygiene, washing

Dirty Bertie
Author: David Roberts
Publisher's summary: "Bertie has shockingly dirty habits, from nose picking to weeing on the flowerbed! Whenever he does..." read more

Tags: hygiene, manners, rudeness, washing

Manners in School
Author: Arianna Candell
Illustrator: Rosa M.Curto
How this book may help: By encouraging children to behave in a thoughtful, polite and caring manner at school.
Publisher's summary: "The 'Manners' series shows children how to resolve small difficulties they might face in their..." read more

Tags: behaviour, bullying, co-operation, compliance, diversity, friends, hygiene, politeness, prejudice, school, sharing

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